Thursday, June 18, 2009

Divers Donate Efforts to Clean Iceland's Thermal Chimneys

From the Iceland Review Online:

A group of Icelandic and foreign divers cleaned the thermal chimneys on the ocean floor of Eyjafjördur fjord in north Iceland last weekend for the upcoming diving season this summer. They are considered unique and have become a popular destination for divers.

The three thermal chimneys were discovered in 1997 in a low-temperature area at a depth of 70 meters in the middle of the fjord. Water with a temperature of 75°C (167°F) flows out of the chimneys, the highest of which is 45 meters, RÚV reports.


“These chimneys are unique in the world,” said diver Erlendur Bogason, who participated in the project. “Ropes, anchors and rubbish shouldn’t be seen on the chimneys.” Bogason encourages local fishermen to learn more about this unique phenomenon and respect that the area around it is preserved.

The divers cleaned the chimneys for free and the Environment Agency of Iceland, Nordurorka energy company and the local municipalities paid for the rental equipment.

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