Wednesday, June 17, 2009

13-Year-Old Becomes One of the Youngest Rescue Divers the World Over

Wow! Most kids his age are too worried about World of Warcraft and Cheetos to spend this much time outside... let alone in the water.

Jonathan Whitehouse, 13, has just qualified after an intensive training course, alongside his father, Chris, and another teenager, Gemma Powell, 17.

Christ the King College pupil Jonathan took his Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ (PADI) open water certificate as soon as he reached the minimum age of 12 and then went on to do his advanced open water qualification.

Since then he has logged more than 70 dives and now has his rescue divers’ qualification through PADI diving instructor Jamie Sprake, of the Aquarius Diving Club.

The course involved several days of classroom-based training in emergency first response techniques, including cardiac pulmonary resuscitation, a day of skills training in the swimming pool at Wight Montrene Hotel and a final day diving in Totland Bay, putting the students’ rescue skills into practice in a number of emergency scenarios.

Jonathan said: "I am really thrilled to have achieved this qualification.

"It was a challenge to find an unresponsive diver on the seabed and bring him to the surface, practice delivering rescue breaths and get the victim ashore to safety so that emergency treatment could be continued.

"But these skills could mean that one day I am able to save the life of a fellow diver in distress," said Jonathan.

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Our masks off to you, Jonathan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kaya,
i'm 13 and i did my open water scuba diving course and my adavanced open water scuba course when i was 12 now i am doing my rescue diver course.... it's so fun my dad is a PADI instructer and i love my days under the water :)

Anonymous said...

I also got my Junior Rescue Diver Course (PADI) when I was 13. It was so much fun! I love the ocean! Now that I'm 15, I can go down to 100! - Mae