Thursday, April 29, 2010

TUSA RS-670 Scuba Regulator Recall

About 250 of these pieces are being pulled back.

Tabata USA (TUSA) is recalling about 250 RS-670 scuba regulators because the first stage balance chamber plug can loosen from the scuba regulator causing a high-pressure leak and creating unstable pressure. This poses a drowning hazard to divers.

No incidents or injuries have been reported.

The scuba regulators were sold by authorized TUSA distributors and diving and equipment stores nationwide from May 2009 through September 2009 for about $450.

Consumers should return the product to TUSA or an authorized dealer for a free inspection and replacement.

Contact Tabata USA at 800-482-2282 or visit

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duiken said...

Thank god no incidents happened yet!

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Amen! None that we know of, or know to be related, at least.