Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cinematographer for Disneynature's 'Oceans' Discusses Diving with Sharks

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There's deep-sea diving, and then there's being surrounded by a gang of sharks.

Eric Borjeson prefers the latter.

"You just have to think of a shark as a beautiful animal that doesn't want to harm you and is just living its life."

Easy for him to say. The 46-year-old Swede, a pro diver turned cinematographer, spent the last five years under-water filming Disneynature's documentary "Oceans," which opened Wednesday. With four other divers, he shuttled between Cape Town and Antarctica, in search of some of the world's scariest sea life.

"The vision was clear from the beginning," Borjeson says. "The producers wanted us to be with the animals, not just look at them."

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duiken said...

Sharks aren't as agressive as we all think! It's only because of movies like Jaws and shows on National Geographic that we think that!

Sharks are nearly gone from this earth because of human behavior.

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