Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Christina Watson's Father Gives Television Interview

The father of alleged scuba diving murder victim Christina Watson gave an interview recently in which he vowed to "keep going" until his daughter can rest in peace.

In a teary interview on Good Morning America (GMA), Tommy Thomas described his daughter as an angel watching over his family.

Christina, 26, died in October 2003 while on a Great Barrier Reef diving expedition with her husband of just 13 days, Gabe Watson.

The Alabama couple flew to Australia for their honeymoon and Queensland police allege Watson murdered Christina during the dive.

"To us, she is an angel that's watching after us," an emotional Thomas said in Thursday's interview with GMA.

The segment showed Thomas visiting his daughter's grave in Alabama.

"I just tell her that I love her and I just keep telling her that I'm going to keep going until I can help her rest and be at peace," Thomas said.

Watson has maintained his innocence and in a surprise move voluntarily flew to Australia on May 13 to face the allegations.

Here's the story and video from ABC:

As Gabe Watson waits in an Australian jail to defend himself in court against accusations that he killed his new bride on a scuba diving trip in 2003, the woman's father, Tommy Thomas, has no doubts about what happened in his daughter's final moments.

"He had turned off her oxygen," Thomas told "Good Morning America." Like the millions of viewers that saw media reports of the death, Thomas has seen the image of his daughter floating motionless in the water as captured by a tourist's underwater camera. Watson is not in the picture.

"He had held her until she went unconscious, then turned it back on and let her go to the sea bed," Thomas said.

Regular readers know that we've been tracking this story here at the Scuba Diving Blog for just shy of a year now. For those of you who haven't been following the Watson story, here's a list of past posts to get you caught up:

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Again, we will continue to follow case developments to the best of our ability. But we would still like to caution the dive community against forgetting that David Watson is - and should be - granted the presumption of innocence until a court finds otherwise.

May justice prevail.

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Garrett said...

He did it for the insurance money

Neutral Dive Gear said...

"He did it for the insurance money"

What a terrible possibility.