Sunday, July 27, 2008

Material Witness: Gabe Watson's Story Makes No Sense

The prosecution's case is mounting.

Gabe Watson's story - about the death of his bride during a diving trip to Australia - just doesn't hold water, says veteran diver Kenneth Snyder of Estero.

Snyder says he can't believe Watson, a certified rescue diver, decided to go for help instead of trying save his wife, Tina.

"Not one part of his story made any sense at all," said Snyder, 56, an insurance company executive.

Snyder and his wife, Paula, 58, both accomplished divers, were with the Watsons and others Oct. 22, 2003, on a diving expedition to Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The trip was cut short when Tina Watson, 26, of Alabama, sank 110 feet to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean during her honeymoon.

Four weeks ago, Australian authorities charged Gabe Watson with murder.

The Snyders now find themselves material witnesses in a case half a world away that has been featured on television news shows and in magazines and newspapers in the United States and Australia.

"It's a very sad story. She was a sweet girl," Kenneth Snyder said of Tina Watson. "She was Miss Alabama cute."

Initially, Tina Watson's death was ruled an accident, but further investigation, followed by an Australian coroner's inquest, ended with Gabe Watson, 31, being indicted June 20.

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