Sunday, July 27, 2008

Watch MythBusters During Shark Week...

Hey everyone!

Check out this cool contest sent to us by the good folks over at Shark Diver. I mean, why not get rewarded for watching a show you were probably going to see in the first place!?

Luke Tipple, Marine Biologist and Adventurer, is developing his own Science based show with GRB Entertainment of Los Angeles. While the show is coming together Luke continues to offer his technical and scientific knowledge to top research and entertainment teams worldwide. This year Luke was asked to be the dive safety officer and shark behavior specialist on Discovery Shark Week's premier show MythBusters.

Luke was hired to be a guide, work with sharks, and prevent Adam and Jamie (the MythBusters) from being eaten, but his personality and involvement with the myths soon had him on camera. Since this is Luke's first time on Discovery, and since he is working very hard on a show of his own at the moment Luke's sponsors got together to celebrate by giving away some cool gear.

All you have to do to win is watch MythBusters on July 27th at 9PM PST/EST (8 CST) or any other time it airs during Shark Week. Answer the simple question above which is related to the show (HINT: check out the dive gear… we are his dive sponsors after all!). You'll be entered in a contest to win the prizes above, a great dive watch, an amazing dive mask, or a chance to get face to face with a great white shark.

One entry per person, one prize per person, no purchase required. Prizes will be drawn at random and will be awarded subject to our terms and conditions.

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