Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"You have to know what is not a ghost before you can find one"

Here's a bizarre scuba story from NBC2 News.

What lurks beneath the waters off Florida's beautiful coasts?

People come from all over to dive famous ship wrecks, and while hundreds of feet below they experience weird phenomenon.

Now a team of divers is searching for proof of paranormal activity.

Lee Ehrlich is the team leader of some of the nation's most renowned deep water penetration divers.

His company Ghost Pros has developed advanced cross over submersibles, including high powered sonar listening devices.

He's teaming up with Tampa's Sea Viewers, a company that makes high def studio cameras which will be used to develop under water rovers.

Why invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for such a camera?

Ehrlich says it's because you have to know what is not a ghost before you can find one.


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Luckily, these folks don't appear to be quitting their day job.

Ghost hunting is just a cool side bar to their business of search and rescue and developing some of the most advanced submersibles in the industry.

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