Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ten Tips to Help Conserve Whale Sharks

After posting this amazing whale shark video, the folks over at Project AWARE pointed us to their Whale Shark Project, which contains these ten helpful tips to aid in whale shark conservation.

  • When diving or snorkelling with whale sharks please remember to maintain a minimum distance to avoid injury to yourself and the shark. A minimum distance of 3 meters should be kept from the whale shark’s body and 4 meters from the tail.

  • Resist the temptation to touch, ride or chase whale sharks.

  • Allow normal movement, behaviour and direction in which the shark is travelling. Whale sharks can become agitated by aggressive behaviour and cause possible injury.

  • Take photographs without the use of a flash as this could cause harm or stress to the animal.

  • Swim slowly and deliberately without using motorised diver propulsion vehicles. Boat users should ensure that they keep a distance of 100 meters.

  • Follow and abide by local regulations.

  • Support legislation for increased whale shark protection.

  • Further your knowledge by completing a Whale Shark Awareness Distinctive Specialty. Contact a participating dive center

  • Request a Whale Shark Project brochure. Free copies are available by emailing your postal address to

  • Record and report your sightings, data and photos to the Whale Shark Photo Identification Database. Download a copy of the data reference sheet.

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