Monday, June 02, 2008

45ft+ Whale Shark Captured on Film in the Galapagos

Just came across this spectacular video of scuba divers in the Galapagos encountering what appears to be a 45ft+ whale shark.

The underwater high five at the end of the clip says it all.

What a stunning creature.


Mikey said...

I'm gainin' on ya at Dive Village. :)

Keep up the great work...


Neutral Dive Gear said...

"I'm gainin' on ya at Dive Village. :)"

LOL! The sprint to the finish is on!!!



Hye Jea said...

This is amazing and beautiful. So peaceful!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell me that shark is NOT REAL!??!!?
I'm scared!!!!!!!!!
I've already planned with my boyfriend an Ecuador Galapagos travel for the next month.... tell me that is not true!!