Tuesday, October 30, 2012

‘We’ll Respond’: N.Y. Scuba Response Team Ready for Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, Sgt. Terrence Sullivan of the New York Police Department’s scuba response team already knows he will not be seeing home tonight.

“Unfortunately, people still driving out there,” he told ABC News today. “What’s going to happen when water comes back up again? It’s going to be higher than it was earlier today and there’s going to be people stuck [calling] 911 and we’ll respond.”

He said the scuba team was based out of the Brooklyn Army Terminal and made up of recreational divers. They have to wear nearly 60 pounds of scuba gear, including a weight belt and and scuba tank, and could face swells that reach 10 feet tonight.

“We’re really going to be a citywide response with vehicles right now and if somebody was to fall in the water, we’re going to respond and try to get them out before it gets worse,” Sullivan said.

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