Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dream Job: Two Full-Time Scuba Divers Care for Radisson Blu Hotel Aquarium


The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin has turned an extraordinary idea to reality. A huge Aquadom aquarium has been constructed in the heart of the hotel’s lobby atrium.

This world’s largest cylindrical aquarium is 82-feet high and is managed by the Sea Life Berlin Aquarium.

The Aquadom is filled with nearly 1 million liters of seawater and contains around 1,500 tropical fish of 56 species and tiny reef-like mounds at its base. Two full-time scuba divers have been appointed for the care and feeding of the aquarium’s inhabitants.

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Coco Rola said...

Gosh this sounds incredible! Do you have any idea what you have to do to achieve a job like this? Great blog by the way, I recently wrote a simple blog to start by scuba diving adventure (http://cocorolablog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/aquasport-yeah-buddy.html).
By any chance do you know of any good dive sports near Istanbul or Goa, I assume you'd be the kind of person to know this :)