Saturday, July 02, 2011

Scuba Divers Plunge into Russia's Stunning Orda Cave

We posted a few photos from Russia's longest cave system in April, but the Daily Mail recently posted this article with a bit more information (as well as the video below) about the divers, the photos, and Orda Cave, the longest underwater gypsum crystal cave in the world.

It looks like the set of a Hollywood action movie but these images were taken by a team of expert cave divers in the depths of Russia.

A team of daring cave divers have produced an incredible photo-reportage of the longest underwater gypsum crystal cave in the world.

The Orda Cave in the western Urals region is three miles of eerily dramatic natural channels created by water so clear divers can see over 50 yards ahead of them.

Over a period of six months the intrepid team led by photographer and journalist, Victor Lyagushkin, 40, from Russia explored the water filled cave tunnels at temperatures barely above freezing.

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