Monday, May 23, 2011

Elite Aussie Scuba Divers Demand Special Forces Status

In fact, they're threatening mutiny if not allowed to join the SpecOp ranks.

The threat has arisen because they are not allowed to fight in the war against terrorism.

The Advertiser has spoken to several navy Clearance Divers who say that many of their comrades are ready to walk away if the top brass does not better use their highly specialised skills, such as in bomb disposal.

About 30 navy divers are seconded to the Sydney-based counter-terrorist Tactical Assault Group (East) as water operators, and a few are posted to the Middle East. But the role of most of the RAN's 150 underwater specialists is in shallow-water mine counter-warfare.

In other countries, elite divers from units including the US Navy SEALs are used in high-end warfare and counter-insurgency operations such as the SEAL Team Six operation against Osama bin Laden.

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