Monday, April 25, 2011

Video: Cancun's Underwater Museum Teeming with Marine Life

We've been following Cancun's underwater museum for some time now, first previewing the project back in March 2010 and following its progress since.

Here's a new video -- with terrific underwater and behind-the-scenes footage -- that shows how the work has truly become a sprawling reef system teeming with marine life.

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From Pete Thomas Outdoors:

The project was ambitious from the beginning; it involved more than 400 life-like concrete statues, meticulously carved to resemble a cross section of human society, and strategically placed across 420 acres of ocean floor.

The life-size figures were fully in place late last fall within Cancun's National Marine Park beyond the Mexican resort destination, with the support of park officials and the Cancun Nautical Association.

The sprawling museum was designed to attract scuba divers, thus relieving pressure from the area's more fragile natural reefs.

Also, by creating sculptures of people from various walks of life -- from an 85-year-old nun to a 3-year-old boy, to a doctor, fisherman and student, etc. -- the artist delivers a long-standing message that environmental issues affect everyone.

DeCaires Taylor, who is from England, explains on his website: "The installation portrays a gathering of people, illustrating how we are all facing serious questions concerning our environment and our impact on the natural world. The work is optimistic and forward looking, expressing hope that there will be unity in dealing with this problem."

Now that colorful reef fish and other sea creatures have discovered sanctuary amid the sculptures, some of which have grown masks of coral and algae that attract and support smaller life forms, the evolution of DeCaires Taylor's finished product is in fact silent, and wonderfully evident.

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