Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aussie Scuba Instructor Logs 5,000th Dive

And he's not about to stop there.

MANLY diver Mick Todd has an affinity with the ocean that most of us will never understand.

Mr Todd - who is a scuba diving instructor-trainer at PRO DIVE, Manly - recently notched up a diving milestone that most enthusiasts of the recreational sport will only ever dream of.

The 43-year-old completed his 5000th dive with friends at Nelson Bay last week, 22 years after his first dive.

“Only a handful of divers achieve it and I’m probably one of the rare ones who logs the dives in my log book,” he said.

“It’s a goal I’ve had in my mind for a long time. I completed 1000 dives 14 years ago but 5000 has always stood out in my mind, the plan is to do another 5000 now.”

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shannonaubel said...

Congradulaitons on your 5000th dive it is a very impressive feat.

Lawrence said...

well done.