Thursday, February 10, 2011

Young Sydney Woman Dies in Fiji Scuba Accident

Tragedy in paradise.

A MAN has told how he desperately tried to save his girlfriend's life after she died in a scuba diving accident in Fiji.

Amy O'Maley, 28, had been diving around a coral reef at Beqa Lagoon on December 29 when she became separated from her instructor.

The guide later resurfaced leaving Amy alone underwater.

Amy's boyfriend Dale Kennedy told Channel Nine News:"That's when panic stations happened for me."

"I was just searching for Amy, searching for her bubbles."

Amy, from Terrey Hills, was found 18m down and brought to the surface unconscious.

As Dale and other tourist divers tried to revive her the dive crew from joined them in rendering assistance as the boat made the 20 minute journey back to shore, witnesses said.

A van was waiting to take Amy to the local hospital because no ambulance was available, the tourist divers were told.

But the van was unsuitable for the 10 minute ride to hospital because there was not enough room for others to continue administering CPR - so the tourists called a taxi.

Hospital staff were unable to revive Amy.

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Out thoughts and prayers go out to O'Maley's family and friends.

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