Monday, January 17, 2011

Aussie Scuba Divers Map Cave Depths, Break Records

One diver made his way down to a depth of over 636 feet, or 194m.

Adrenalin-seeking Australian cave divers have set new records in Nelson.

The group has spent the past two weeks exploring the Pearse River resurgence in Kahurangi National Park – with one diver, Craig Challen, a veterinarian of Perth, breaking a record for Australiasia.

He superseded the depth reached by Adelaide doctor Richard Harris, at the cave in 2008, by 12 metres by diving 194m deep into the system which took nearly nine hours.

While the descent took about 27 minutes, Mr Challen was under water for about nine hours because the decompression process meant he ascended to the surface in stages.

"There's a bit of a quiet time before you dive where you reflect, but once in the water it's all go and your mind is fixed."

During the dive Mr Challen was able to decompress in comfort stopping at two out of four plastic "habitat" boxes set at 7m, 16m, 28m and 40m.

The boxes have seats, a radio for communication and music. Mr Challen was also delivered hot soup and chocolate by the other divers while he sat in the boxes.

Sandy Varin, a horticulturist from Melbourne, who has 22 years diving experience, also set a record for women in Australia and New Zealand by diving 156m.

"You get a bit of an adrenalin kick, the main thing is not to hurry."


"It's cool to go somewhere and know you are the first person to see it."

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