Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Scuba Diving Blog Posts of 2010

TANKS to everyone for making 2010 such a great year here at the Neutral Dive Gear Scuba Diving Blog. We hope we've entertained, informed, and inspired your passion for all things scuba.

In reverse order, here are our top ten posts on the year as decided by your viewership:

10. Video: Neutral Dive Gear on CNN!

09. 40 Sites That Will Help You Become A Scuba Diver

08. Coroner: Tour Operator's Failings Led to Scuba Diver's Death

07. Environmentalist Serenades Great White Underwater

06. Katie Price Warned About Personal Risk Involved in Scuba Diving

05. Poll: Who is responsible for divers in the water?

04. Oil Rig Becomes Scuba Diving Hotel

03. Navy SEAL Dies During Training Dive

02. Bold, Fresh New Scuba Diving Sweatshirt for 2010

And the most viewed scuba diving blog post in 2010 was...

01. Renowned Underwater Photographer Wes Skiles Dies While Diving

Happy New Year, everyone.

May 2011 bring you exciting adventures and new horizons!

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Alex said...

Great list of articles! Went through most of the posts on here found them all really interesting. The guy playing the guitar to the great white is amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

Waterbear said...

Great list of articles! Thanks!