Sunday, November 14, 2010

Natalie Portman: I like scuba diving, but I wouldn't free dive

The actress considers scuba a part of her preferred "extreme experiences".

Natalie Portman likes "extreme experiences" and her favourite hobby is "scuba-diving".

The actress - who plays sexually repressed ballerina Nina in new movie 'Black Swan' - enjoys activities that get her pulse racing but admits there are plenty of things she is too scared to do.

She told Empire magazine: "I have fears, I'm afraid of a lot. I am not a danger seeker but I do like extreme experiences. But not ones that I feel would threaten my life. I like scuba-diving, for example, but I wouldn't free-dive."

Natalie takes her adrenalin addiction into her working life and she tries to take on roles which frighten and push her creatively.

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