Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Divers Alert Network Releases 2009-2010 Progress Report

You can read the press release here or jump right to the report here.

For 30 years, Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) has served as a lifeline for divers, whether in the realm of emergency assistance, medical assistance, diving research or simply as the go-to source of information. But despite all that DAN has achieved in the diving community, we’ve never been content to rest on our laurels, and the last 18 months have produced several notable steps forward in our continuing commitment to divers and dive safety.

Divers can read all about it in the 2009-2010 Progress Report, now available for download at www.DAN.org. The report details the restructuring of the organization to maximize resources, the streamlining of the DAN Emergency Hotline, the upgrades to the DAN Medical Services Call Center, the launch of new DAN Research projects and the expanded outreach to improve education opportunities in the medical profession.

“DAN faces the same challenges that have brought many other organizations to their knees,” said Joe Poe, chairman of the DAN Inc. board of directors. “But we’ve met these challenges head on, and we’ve taken the right steps to ensure that whatever happens in the world, DAN will always be here for divers. The report is one way for everyone in the dive community to see exactly how we plan to do that.”

The report also provides a glimpse of DAN’s fiscal status, allowing divers to see just how far the reach of membership and business support extends.

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