Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scuba Diver to Attempt World Record 7-Day Freshwater Dive... Again

Last week we reported on the aborted world record freshwater endurance diving attempt made by Allen Sherrod -- who was looking to stay underwater for a week.

Well, he's back.

Scuba diver Allen Sherrod is hoping the second time is the charm for his quest to establish a world record freshwater endurance diving attempt. His first attempt ended about 2:30 a.m. Sept. 15, about 62 hours into the projected seven-day dive, when illness forced him to abort.

The new attempt is set to start at noon Monday.

Sherrod had planned to spend Sept. 12-19 in Lake David near downtown Groveland, but problems soon developed.

'In 48 hours I was getting full (flu) symptoms,' Sherrod said. 'We planned for everything except me getting sick. (The second dive will) be pretty much the same, except this time I won't get the flu.'

Sherrod was speaking at his shop in Clermont, where he had just finished a safety briefing for some of the divers on his all-volunteer team.

Their next stop was to be Lake David where the team is, in fact, making some changes. Those changes are linked to the very reason that Sherrod decided to make the dive.

'I wanted to bring attention to what's happening to the lakes,' Sherrod says.

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Safe diving, Allen.

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