Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ukrainians Ask to Use Russian Ships as Artificial Reefs in the Crimea

Seems like a good use for some of the old Black Sea Fleet.

This would help to maintain the ecological balance and make up for the negative consequences of trawler fisheries.

Divers hope that the command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be able to provide them with one or several old vessels, the ones that are supposed to be cut up for scrap metal.

Commenting on the initiative, a deputy from the Yalta City Council, Igor Zorin, said, “Unfortunately, the Ukrainian fleet has very few ships – so there is not much to be sunk.”

The ships would be sunk at a depth between 20 and 40 meters so they would not hamper navigation. It is expected the vessels will be first cleaned of fuel and other polluting substances.

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