Monday, July 26, 2010

Malaysia Closes 12 World-Famous Dive Sites

Authorities claim the coral is being killed off by global warming.

Twelve reefs that attract half a million tourists from around the world annually are now closed to divers and snorkellers until the end of October to allow the corals to recover from bleaching caused by warmer seas.

Abdul Jamal Mydin, director general of the Department of Marine Parks, said that the temperature of the seas has risen to 88F (31C) in recent months, up 4F (2C) from the normal level.

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Diving Discoveries said...

90 percent has started to turn white???
What a pity.

Do you think one day humanity will inevitably destroy reefs or will they adapt & put up with our shenanigans?

Atleast studies of how they adapt are already under way-

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Great question, and TERRIFIC article! We'll be posting it shortly, with a hat tip to you, of course.


Michael said...