Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recovery Project Cleanup Crews Discover Hundreds of Toilets at California Reef

What a load of crap.

Over 300 discarded toilets, along with other unusual garbage, have been discovered at a reef off California's Malibu coast that is populated by fish, lobsters and sea urchins. The toilets are now being hauled out of the water for proper disposal, according to the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center's SeaDoc Society.

The cleanup effort is being coordinated by the society's California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project, which has contracted with local sea urchin fishermen, scuba divers and other individuals.

The toilets that are being pulled from the sea are being unloaded in Marina Del Rey where they'll be lifted from a boat to the dock by winch for transport to a landfill.

Around 300 tires were also found lying on a large stretch of reef.

This is the first time that the project has handled cleanup of items other than fishing gear.

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