Friday, May 21, 2010

“Immersed Senses” Changes Way Divers See, Hear, and Breathe Underwater

A peculiar concept posted over at The Design Blog has attracted quite a bit of buzz from the dive community this week.

"Immersed Senses" is the brainchild of designer Adam Wendel, and boasts a futuristic approach to scuba diving that allows the diver to experience the underwater realm in entirely new ways.

Immersed Senses operates by a battery that utilizes a centrifuge mechanism to pull oxygen from seawater that begins the electrolysis reaction. Saltwater is extracted into the bottom reservoir that reacts with hydrogen gas. The saltwater is then charged by a positive and negative anode/cathode that generates breathable oxygen. Two internal devices help to circulate the oxygen to the diver’s mouth and nose.

The diver then breathes in the oxygen and out carbon dioxide, which exits the helmet. The battery and stored hydrogen can keep a diver submersed for up to 8 hours. The Immersed Senses revolutionizes how a human can breathe underwater, as well as interact with the OLED display offering a panoramic view of the deep sea.

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