Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day in the Life of a U.S. Navy Diver; "We dive the world over"

A very cool article about underwater heroes.

Their motto is, "We dive the world over."

Navy divers go through special training that allows them to do things like explosive ordnance disposal, ship maintenance and salvage.

As KHON2's Jai Cunningham reports, a lot more than just diving goes into the training to make sure these specialist are ready when duty calls.

It's early morning at Pearl Harbor and the work has already started.

More than 60 sailors taking part in P.T., physical training.

"It's kind of a command unity thing. So we try to bring the command together We have people with a range of fitness here," said Lt. Jennifer Hall.

That range is on the high end, and I found out first hand.

Try circuit training, eight stations, five rounds. That means pull-ups, dips, air squats, pushups - all-around fitness.

This work is important for what these divers and support staff do when called into action.

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