Saturday, March 06, 2010

Scuba Divers Save Shark from Frisbee Ring Off Palm Beach

There are consequences for our garbage; or in this case, our beach toys. Luckily for this shark, two divers took the risk to save it.

Two South Florida divers had a close encounter few would believe. They came face to face with a shark that had a plastic ring around its neck.

John Dickinson and Chip Garber not only saw it, they have proof. They videotaped it.

(Feed readers click through for video)

They were with a group that was diving on a wreck off Palm Beach called "The Princess Ann" when they noticed a nurse shark lying lifeless on the bottom of the ocean.

"We thought the shark was dead, however after pulling her tail she began to swim away," Dickinson says.

They noticed the shark had a large Frisbee-like ring around its neck which prevented it from eating.

They decided to make a brave move. Chip was able to approach the shark from behind and grab the ring and remove it.

"You can tell in the video that the shark had lost a lot of weight. Hopefully the shark will begin eating again and live a long healthy life," says Dickinson.

Good for you, gentlemen. Our hats off to you.

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Rondell said...

He be playing catch weren't he?!