Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Boys Scouts Earn Scuba Diving Merit Badge

Last October we brought you the story of the PADI/BSA partnership agreement, which paved the way to the new Scuba Diving Merit Badge.

Well, last week it appears Boy Scouts hailing from North Bend, Washington were the first to earn the badge.

Submerging up to 60 feet underwater, 20 of the 39 troop members completed their final dive off Alki Beach for their Professional Association of Diver Instructors certification for scuba diving and their Boy Scout merit badge.

“I’ve been scuba diving before in Maui and it was one of the most fun experiences of my life,” said Scout Sean Fite, 14, who goes to Eastside Catholic High School. “This opportunity came up and I thought I should take it to get my full certification.”

“It was cold,” said Scout Will Dodeward, 15, who goes to Mount Si High School. “I know 46 degrees doesn’t sound cold, but it’s cold.”

These boys seem to be the first ones in the nation to complete the required courses and training for the new Boy Scout merit badge added this year by the national offices, said parent volunteer Judy Co. The troop is the first to place an order for the merit badge, but there is no national database to confirm it for sure, she added.

From all of us at Neutral Dive Gear, congrats to the Scouts of Troop No. 609!

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Austin said...

Nice. Will they get some kind of privileges in the scuba diving industry? If yes, then I want one! Haha

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Haha. Wouldn't we all!