Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UK Diver Breaks World Record, Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive

We all love being underwater. But imagine being underwater for over two days.

Will Goodman, from the UK, broke the World Record for staying underwater for a total of 48 hours and 9 minutes and 17 seconds.

The 33 year-old, TDI Advanced Tri-mix instructor and Buddy Rebreather Instructor with Blue Marlin Dive, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia went into the water at 08.11:33 hrs on the 7th January 2010 emerging at 08:20:16 hrs on the 9th January 2010.

Will has previously made 2 unofficial world records. The first in 2005 when he spent 24 hours under water and a second in 2008 when he spent 33 hours underwater. This new record has been adjudicated by witnessed and will be registered with Guinness World Records.

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Our hats off to you, Mr. Goodman.

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