Sunday, November 15, 2009

Divers Explore One of the World's Deepest Caves

Cave divers are a breed all their own. Need proof? How many recreational scuba divers do you know that would spend almost a week, more than half a mile below the earth's surface, in one of the world's deepest caves?

Divers bravely went were no man had gone before in a bid to find a link between the colossal Aspoladeru la Texa and Cueva Culiembro caves in northern Spain for the first time ever.

Students from the Oxford University Caving Club spent six days and nights living in darkness while exploring the giant limestone chambers.

It was part of an ongoing project and six week trip to chart these giants caves and discover new rock formations.

"It is a very special place to be," said caving club member Fleur Loveridge, 32.

"You feel a long way from the entrance, but it teaches you self reliance and brings out good team work."

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