Monday, September 14, 2009

Communist Leader's Aircraft to Lure Divers into the Black Sea

Hey, artificial reefs know no politics.

The Russian-made Tu-154 aircraft used by Bulgaria’s late communist leader Todor Zhivkov will be submerged into the waters of the Black Sea near the city of Varna to attract divers, Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) said. The aircraft will be submerged at a depth of about 22 metres.

Following the suit of the German city of Rostock, Varna aims to attract more tourists by using relics such as Zhivkov's aircraft, BNR said. An almanac is being currently drawn up to include underwater landmarks of the Black Sea.

The plane, 48 metre in length, 11 metres in height, and with 38-meter wingspread, will be included in the almanac, as well. Its last flight was Sofia-Varna on September 16 1999. It used to be owned by Hemus Air and is currently stationed at Varna airport, BNR said.

Todor Zhivkov (1911-1998) was the communist leader of the former People's Republic of Bulgaria from March 4 1954 unti November 10 1989.

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