Monday, September 21, 2009

American Diver Breaks World Record in Belize

Robert Silva is his name, and he spent 36.5 hours under saltwater.

A world record was broken in Belize today. It was the record for the longest salt water dive. The old record was 36 hours and Robert Silva, an American citizen from Chicago, who had to spend at least 36.5 hours continuously under water to beat it. The rules were simple, he must spend more than the 36.5 hours under saltwater continuously. In addition – he must have spent at least 20 minutes at a depth of 20 feet. Sounds simple enough and on Monday morning at 10:30, Silva headed out to the Hol chan Marine Reserve on a boat from Ramon’s Village. 48 hours later at 10:30 this morning he remerged and 7News was there. Keith Swift has the story.

Read the post-dive interview.

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