Friday, August 21, 2009

Jana Strain sets new Pan American Women’s Freediving Record

We love Jana Strain, the hard-charging female free diver who puts all else to shame.

Jana Strain, a Canadian Freediver and resident of Santa Monica, CA, set a new Pan American Women’s Freediving Record with a swim of 181 meters (594 feet) on a single breath, in two minutes and twenty seconds at the Aarhus Swim Stadium. Jana broke her existing Record of 171 meters (561 feet) set in October of 2008. Jana Strain is the 5th woman in the world to swim over 175M.

Jana stated, “I was happy to do a clean performance. I felt strong and I’m excited to compete again tomorrow in the finals. I was the first woman to swim today and I was surprised that I made the longest performance of the day.”

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