Friday, June 19, 2009

Ocean Defenders Battle the Infidel

In 2006, a 70-foot commercial trawler known as the Infidel sank just a mile off the coast of Santa Catalina Island, California. The downed vessel, shrouded by a 9,000-pound fishing net, became nothing short of a deathtrap for marine life -- catching and killing sea lions, sharks, seals and dolphins.

Sounds like a job for the Ocean Defenders!

Luckily, the Ocean Defenders, a Huntington Beach-based group of volunteer SCUBA divers dedicated to removing derelict fishing gear from the ocean floor, are on the job. Armed with some reinforcements from the Catalina Island diving community, they’re working to free the net, one dive at a time. Cutting the net free and floating it to the top takes time (many dives over many days), as well as skill (the wreck is deep enough to be beyond the range of most recreational divers), but it’s all in a day’s work for these brave volunteers.

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