Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Man Lobbies for Artificial Reef off Florida Central Coast

With all the hype -- not to mention benefits -- brought about by the sinking of the Vandenberg, it's not surprising that others are now inspired to bring something similar to other areas.

Brevard County isn't known for its diving opportunities, but a Cocoa man has a long-shot proposal to change that.

Inspired by the May 27 sinking of the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg in Key West, which will be the world's second-largest intentionally sunk artificial reef, Dave Golding wants to do something similar about 20 miles off Brevard County's coastline where the water is 110 feet deep.

Such a reef, said Golding, a charter boat captain who has dabbled in local politics, would attract all sorts of marine life for viewing by divers. It also would create new fishing grounds.

In short, it could provide a small tourism boost.

"Right now, there is really nothing for divers to see out there," Golding said. "This will draw more people to the area, and those people will be staying at local hotels and eating in local restaurants."

Of course, a lot needs to happen before divers start checking their air regulators and tanks.

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