Thursday, June 04, 2009

BREAKING: Watson Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

It takes a sick individual to allow his new bride to die right in front of him. Watson deserves to be charged with murder -- and knows it. So he's pleading guilty to manslaughter to get out of the punishment he deserves.

Bubble wrap salesman David Gabriel Watson, who has since remarried, admitted to manslaughter in a Brisbane court hearing.


Prosecutor Brendan Campbell accepted the plea on the basis that Mr Watson had failed in his duty as her dive buddy by failing to give her emergency oxygen when she needed it.

Mr Watson allowed Tina to sink to the ocean floor without making any serious attempt to rescue her and also failed to inflate her buoyancy vest or remove weights from her belt to allow her to surface, Mr Campbell said.

"He virtually extinguished any chance of her survival," he told the court.


Under this plea, Watson won't get anything close to what he deserves.

Prosecutors sought a five-year jail term for Mr Watson, with the possibility of parole after 18 months. He was due to be sentenced later on Friday.

Does anyone really think a punishment of five years in prison with the possibility of parole after just 18 months fits this crime?


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divefinatic said...

How was this murderer able to plead manslaughter? This is outrageous! Watson is a murderer. Plain & simple. His fate should be identical to his dead ex-wife's. His karma train is coming...I hope.

Neutral Dive Gear said...


Agreed. Choo choo!

Garrett said...

Well since I believe it was premeditated for her insurance money after watching the news program about this case. Certainly the crime doesn't seem to fit the plea and possible punishment in this case. The dude did a safety stop with his wife dying on the bottom of the ocean. Unreal

Garrett said...

Not sure I like the precedent of manslaughter charges for being a bad dive buddy either. Granted it's Australia and their scuba laws are different than ours, they have 'em we don't. This murderer aside, imagine a dive buddy doing something wrong or you losing your buddy or a million other scenario's that have a potential to end in death. Bad enough, but then to be brought up on Manslaughter charges and do time. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

I hope his 2nd wife (who must be incredibly STUPID!) takes note and puts all her assests in someone else's name! AND/OR runs to the hills as fast as she can while this guy is serving his little sentence.

What a freaking loser, murderer, scum-bag, and all-around JERK! Hope you rot in hell for what you've done, not only to your beautiful, trusting wife, but also to her family!