Thursday, June 25, 2009

Atomic Produces Popular Products in Pink and Purple

Say that five times fast.

Hey, if you're into this sort of thing, Atomic Aquatics has you colored.

... For many years, fashion conscious divers have heard the phrase “you can have any color you’d like as long as its black” from their dive stores. That’s no longer the case for many divers wanting to put a little “color” in their diving.

Atomic Aquatics has recently unveiled new PINK and PURPLE masks, snorkels and fins – and before too many people roll their eyes, the first two shipments quickly sold out and the company claims the interest is overwhelming.

“Divers want to make a statement with their equipment,” said a member of the Atomic Aquatics staff. “We’re finding that there are many divers, especially women, who want the pink or purple option. It’s a trend we know will continue.”

The Pink and Purple options are available for Atomic’s popular SV2 snorkels, SplitFins and masks.

Not limiting itself to just the soft goods, Atomic Aquatics has also just announced it now has regulator kits that include Pink and Purple options...

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To each their own.

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