Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scientists: Navy Diver Attacked by Bull Shark

In a follow-up to the Navy diver shark attack story we brought you two weeks ago, scientists are now confirming that Able Seaman Paul de Gelder was mauled by a bull shark the length of a small car.

The shark that severely mauled a navy diver in Sydney Harbour was a bull shark the length of a small car, scientists say.

Navy clearance diver Able Seaman Paul de Gelder was attacked while working between HMAS Kuttabul navy base at Garden Island and Mrs Macquarie's Chair around dawn last Wednesday.

The 31-year-old lost a hand in the attack and was on Wednesday to undergo surgery to amputate his right leg.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts for the diver and his family. Hope he will recover. All the best. Diver from Finland

Anonymous said...

Terrible to hear of such a tragedy. Sounds like the diver was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Working in murky water in shark feeding grounds.

I would imagine, being near 3 meters long, it was probably a female bull shark. They tend to be more aggressive than the males.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the diver ...