Monday, February 16, 2009

Divers Repair Underwater Vandalism

It's pathetic and sad this sort of work has to even be done.

Some 80 feet underwater and 700 feet into the bowels of a spring in Lafayette County, they've combined art and science to restore a cave that vandals damaged last year.

Those who worked for months on the project say it's the first known successful underwater cave restoration, and it took place in late December at Cow Springs, a small, remote spring off State Road 51 near Luraville, north of the town of Mayo.

To achieve the restoration, they enlisted the help of Michael Angelo Gagliardi, professional artist and actor from Chicago, who led a team of divers to document the restoration of the spring's vandalized clay bank.

"I happily volunteered my time and money for this project," Gagliardi said. "But it wouldn't have been done properly without the help of my dive team."

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Phil Ellis said...

The damage in Cow Springs is a shame. I followed the real-time reporting of this damage on thedecostop and lots of my friends in the cave diving world were very upset. I am glad to see that they are now able to repair the damage.

Phil Ellis