Thursday, January 08, 2009

Malaysian Fishermen Face Fines After Whale Shark Catch

Four Malaysian fishermen, who reportedly netted and killed a rare 23-foot-long whale shark by accident, are now facing fines.

The giant fish was towed shore after it got entangled in the nets. 1 of the fishermen tells the New Straits Times newspaper that the shark was still alive when it reached shore but it died shortly after from its propeller wounds.

A Fisheries Department official told the Sunday Star that the four men should have immediately released the shark since it was an endangered and protected species. He says the four have been questioned and their statements have been forwarded to the department's legal unit for further action.

The carcass of the shark was sent to the Fisheries Research Institute yesterday where it was buried.

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Anonymous said...

How much was the fine?

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Not sure, Anon. We'll try to dig that up.

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