Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Intova Nova Wide Angle LED Dive Light

Just before the new year, David Fricks discovered a new dive light after diving Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach.

The Intova Nova Wide Angle LED Torch puts out 130 lumens with a focused 4.7 watt LED. It’s smaller then my Halcyon, puts out more light and burns longer. The magnetic switch and double o-ring battery compartment means it is almost impossible to flood. With traditional lights like the Halcyon Scout you have to twist the head to turn on the light. This puts stress on the o-rings and can damage the seal if sand has made its way into contact with the o-ring. Traditional lights also have a tendancy to turn on accidentally on decent if not twisted far enough in the off position. This is because the water pressure presses the head down against the housing. With the magnetic switch on the Intova Nova there’s no opening so there’s no chance of a leak. The only time you have to service the o-rings on the Nova light is when you change the batteries. The only down side I see is that the 3volt batteries required for the Nova light are a bit more expensie than traditional C cells, but I think you will agree its worth the extra money for the extra output. To see the light for yourself visit Intova.net.

David had never heard of Intova, and to be honest, neither had we.

Have any of you used this -- or another -- light from Intova? Wondering your thoughts on this company and/or piece of gear.

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