Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Official Lionfish Sighting Reported in Florida Keys

Phil Ellis over at the Dive Sports Blog has been tracking the dangers of the invasive spread of lionfish in the waters near the United States and Caribbean islands.

Today, Ellis reports that has recently received the first “official” and documented sighting of the foreign predator in the Florida Keys.

While there have been undocumented sightings for over six months, this is the first to be photographed and reported in a timely manner. This sighting allowed for capture of the sighted individual.

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Unknown said...

Guys, this lionfish thing is getting pretty serious here on the Gulf Coast. I have become intrigued at this story and will be having more about it as time develops.

Phil Ellis

Neutral Dive Gear said...

It's a very interesting story. Props to you for digging up the news and posting on it. You keep posting, and we'll keep pointing to ya!

Keep diving!