Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Photos from World Record-Breaking Underwater Ironing

Last week we brought you the story of the British scuba divers who broke the world record for underwater ironing.

Today we received photos from one of the record holders himself, Mark O'hara. As he explained to us, the official photos are 25m/82ft deep in an A146 aircraft.


Click the image below to check out the video from BBC:

UK divers have broken the world record for the most number of divers ironing underwater.

128 British scuba divers braved the freezing temperatures to take the record, from Australia, for the most number of people ironing underwater, at a depth between 15 and 20 metres, according to organisers.

Although there is fierce rivalry between England and Australia in this bizarre 'sporting' event, the aim was to raise money for charity.

We're just wondering if they should iron some of our scuba diving clothing next time.


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