Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diver's Remains Found Inside Belize's Blue Hole

Does anyone else get a sense that the vast majority of scuba diving news out there is negative?

Here at the Scuba Diving Blog, we do our best to scour the web and bring you a wide array of interesting, entertaining, even uplifting scuba diving stories. But the ratio of bad to good scuba diving news is almost overwhelming at times.

Take the latest news out of Belize as a recent example.

More details are emerging about the discovery of human remains at the bottom of the Blue Hole on Wednesday by a team of international divers. Today 7NEWS spoke with a technical diver and instructor from San Pedro and who accompanied the team to the dive site. He confirms that there is a body lying on the sandy bottom of the Blue Hole.

The remains which were discovered about sixty to seventy feet away from the wall of the Blue Hole lies right underneath the rim of the sink hole at a depth of three hundred and fifty five feet. According to our source, the body which still had on its scuba outfit, had no head and parts of one of the arm and leg was missing, presumably eaten by sharks.

Because the family of the dead man who is believed to be a U.S. national has not yet been informed by the United States Embassy in Belize, we are unable to give you a name. But we can say that the man is believed to be a doctor from Miami who came to Belize in 2001 and did the dive. 7NEWS understands that the man’s identity was confirmed through a camera that was retrieved from the remains. The doctor who is believed to be in his fifties had reportedly rented the equipment from a local dive shop.

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Perhaps the vast majority of news in general is negative.


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Brad Ellis said...

It definately does seem that most news is negative. However, most of your blog posts seem to be about the really cool stuff going on in the world of scuba diving. Thanks for providing a great blog site with fresh, interesting content.


Phil Ellis said...

Hey, we will just have to work hard to produce some good news! Guys, thanks for the great blog and good recap of the "scuba" news.

Phil Ellis