Friday, December 12, 2008

Ashes of Royal Navy Diver Scattered in Torpedo Exercise

An honorable tribute for honorable service.

Derick Redfern's dying wish was for his ashes to be scattered at sea and his widow Ann asked the Navy to help.

Mr Redfern worked as a diver during more than 30 years in the service after joining up when he was 16 and died this year aged 71 at his home in Cornwall.

His widow Ann, aged 68, contacted the Navy in Plymouth to ask for help and they agreed to see him off in style.

They took a canister with his ashes to a torpedo on the seabed at Jennycliff, near Plymouth, and attached it to the nose of the tube.

The torpedo was then blown up as part of an exercise training divers in how to dispose of dangerous ordnance on the seabed.

Ann watched the blast from the cliff top at a ceremony with a Royal Navy chaplain and said it was exactly what Mr Redfern would have wanted.

She said: "He was a wonderful character, larger than life, and this was the most fitting tribute me and his friends could think of.

"He had such a full life and career with the Royal Navy."

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