Friday, November 21, 2008

Tiger Shark Attacks Green Sea Turtle: The Photos

As this article points out, it's not uncommon for tiger sharks to attack green sea turtles. It's just not everyday you actually see it.

It happened at Maunalua Bay on east Oahu this past Monday.

With a shark this big, you can see why this did not go unnoticed by our viewer Augustus "Ogee" Santos and his crew.

They quickly jumped up, grabbed their camera and snapped this first shot (see below).

They heard a loud splash as this tiger shark estimated to be 14 feet long, emerged from the ocean making a direct hit on this helpless sea turtle.

In this second shot, a closer look at the ocean predator baring it's teeth during the attack. Crews estimate the turtle it was eating weighed about 200 pounds.

Just as quickly as it came, it went. The shark retreats into the depths as crews take a final snapshot of the tiger shark swimming away and heading back out to sea.

The moment, a part of the circle of life, but for the crew of the local Seabreeze Parasail Company, it's definitley (sic) an experience they say they will never forget.

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