Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Marine Visions Unveils New Website for Gates Deep Red Underwater Video Housing

Marine Visions officially launched a new website dedicated to the Gates Deep Red Underwater Video Housing at this year's DEMA show.

Marine Visions, The Choice for Underwater Professionals, has officially launched a new website dedicated to the Gates Deep Red Underwater Video Housing.

Historically, few underwater video housings would warrant the creation of a dedicated website, however we believe that Deep Red has changed that. Designed for the revolutionary Red One Cinema Camera, Deep Red will usher in a new era for underwater cinematographers. This housing will allow underwater cinematographers to capture stunning 4K (4 x HD) motion images, a feat, that until now was not possible. Technically speaking, 4K means that there are 4000 lines of resolution versus the 1920 lines in HD.

Deep Red is currently in development by Gates Underwater Products and is expected to be available in February of 2009. The prototype housing was on display at DEMA and as usual, Gates has proven that they are a leader in the field of capturing underwater motion images.

For more information on the Gates Deep Red Video Housing, visit our websites at or

About Marine Visions: Marine Visions, Inc., located in Webster Texas, is the Choice for Underwater Professionals. Marine Visions carries a full line of professional underwater video and photo housings and accessories. Rental housings are also available for many professional video cameras. If your production calls for underwater shots, then Marine Visions is the ultimate resource. Video Housings are available for Canon, Sony and Panasonic models. Marine Visions is committed to providing the highest quality equipment along with the best possible customer service.

About Gates: For over 38 years Gates Underwater Products has produced the world’s most reliable underwater housings. Using ‘bulletproof" machined aluminum, 100% mechanical controls, time-proven design methods, and state of the art manufacturing, Gates housings are built to satisfy the most demanding recreational divers, imaging professionals, marine researchers, salvage operators and military personnel.

For more info, you can also follow Joe Holley's blog.

UPDATE at 11/9/2008 8:58PM posted some great photos of the Deep Red housing.

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