Monday, September 01, 2008

Scuba Divers Discover Amazingly Well-preserved HMS London at Bottom of Thames

Oh the treasures the underwater world holds.

The largest-ever post-war salvage operation on the Thames has discovered seven shipwrecks up to 350 years old.

They include a warship that was blown up in 1665, a yacht converted to a Second World War gunboat, and a mystery wreck in which divers found a personalised gin bottle.

The vessels, in the Thames Estuary, are just some of about 1,100 ships which went down in the whole of the river.

The salvage by Wessex Archaeology and the Port of London Authority, which regulates the river, was both historical and practical.

Jagged metal from the wrecks which stick out of the mud, silt, and gravel act as a 'can-opener' that can split apart vessels, especially large container ships which can skim within half a metre of the riverbed.

The operation was filmed for the BBC and took four months, using a dozen divers who used 3D survey equipment to locate the wrecks in near-zero visibility.

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Life Stylist said...

I find it amazing when old wrecks are discovered and analysed. Not only is it historically an incredible find, but it can often bring closure to the families of those who lose their lives in these tragic accidents. I will be back to read up more on this when I have time.

Neutral Dive Gear said...

life stylist,

Well put!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope to 'sea' you again.