Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scuba Divers Explore Submerged Section of the Great Wall of China

Wow! We weren't even aware that part of the Great Wall is submerged. Were you?

It takes SCUBA gear to explore one section of the Great Wall of China. It has been submerged by water since the 1980s.

The Chinese government flooded the coastal area of Tianjin, which is crossed by the Chinese landmark, in order to resolve water shortages.

The result was that a portion of the wall was covered with water.

These divers recently had the rare opportunity to explore the underwater section of the wall.

The divers said the most difficult part of exploring the wall was the murky water. The water was clear enough for divers to capture video showing the underwater wall.

For a taste of what this dive looks like, be sure to check out the video embedded in this article for a short bit of underwater video.

Very cool!

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